Angel in a graveyard

Psychic Tarot readings with Annemarie

Before I start a Psychic reading with you, I need to know we can connect, I will not ask you any questions.

I will tell you information about your life and see what unfolds. I deliver Tarot readings with compassion and will provide the truth no matter what it is. I offer private readings or group readings where like-minded people can be together.

Tarot readings are good for the soul and help with:

  • Life disasters
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Careers

When you come to Annemarie, I want you to feel like you have had some answers to some of the burning questions that have been going around in your head. You should leave me and feel at peace and positive about your life.

Tarot cards

For group and private readings regarding your past, present and future, call Annemarie on  07507 703 497

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